“Cervantine” Cartoons

The “Cervantine” cartoons were part of a workshop given by the artist on the occasion of the Open Day of the Museum of the National Library of Spain in 2016, the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes.

On this occasion, the National Library of Spain and Spanish Cultural Action, centres of international reference for Cervantism, organised a series of commemorative events throughout the year.

These are some of the “Cervantine” caricatures that were announced at the workshop and that the artist drew for it…

Other cartoons

In addition to the “Cervantine” cartoons, Laura made cartoons in the workshops she developed for the association “Ser Joven”, in Santander, during two editions of “La Noche es Joven” (2011 and 2013), in creative workshops she carried out with children in her experiences as a summer camp monitor and others made on request,of which you can see a sample in the following link