Biography, Approaches and artistic Declaration

Zamora, 16-9-1992/ El Campillo (Huelva), 12-12-2018

Laura Luelmo Hernández’s work is composed of different artistic techniques and has evolved through different styles and stages in painting, drawing, engraving and photography, ranging from (urban/rural) figurative or abstract landscape to human figure or portrait.

Her works include extensive experimentation to find interesting results, coming from different registers (especially in the pictorial field), in order to achieve a large variety of textures with the help of materials such as sand, cement, plaster, newspapers, cardboard.

Photographic production is also the result of extensive research on composition, perspective, lights and contrasts, different approaches….

Her work focus on the urban landscape at the international level and on the interracial human figure, two factors that totally attract her attention.

Some of her concerns is to capture light and shadow contrasts caused on the human figure and, with them, be able to shape a body, simplifying and eliminating unnecessary lines; She also tries to succeed in achieving depth or closeness, by mixing the maximum possible of colour. Similarly, she is particularly interested in the perspectives and proportions, as well as give a fresh appearance to her works, leaving unfinished some of its areas.

She exprerimented and played with press and collage. One of her latest works is based on the painting within a painting, creating two different planes, the first of them, a foreground with news and real information, in the form of press clippings, that involve the viewer who wants do it, giving him  the ability to interact with the work, allowing  being closer and read them, while, at the same time, the canvas invites you to distance after, to watch the whole, the painting.

It was important for her to play with different materials, textures and techniques to find one that she finds most comfortable for her, that gives her better results, or she find it offers her more possibilities

She was cared about experimenting with different points of view in the picture, changing the shutter time for obtaining semi-transparent compositions, with movement, on clear backgrounds

Another one of her strengths was the portrait; she was very pleased to capture a specific individual in a drawing with a few and simple strokes, and to see that many people can recognize and identify him/ her easily.

First steps and studies carried out

Laura Luelmo Hernández was born in Zamora, Spain, 16 September 1992. From 2008 to 2010 studied art subjects at A levels (High School Diploma) at the School of Art and Design of the capital, acceding this year to the University to begin a  Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

During 2013-2014, she carried out an international academic exchange in the University of the Americas Puebla (UDLAP), in the state of Puebla, in Mexico. In this exchange she made two exhibitions: one, independent, in the University, which dealt with the disciplines of painting and photography, and other one, collective, Photography, with the group “Perros” in the room bar-restaurant CUS CUS CUS in San Pedro Cholula, Puebla, Mexico.

She obtained the degrees of Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, in promoting 2010-2014, master in Professorship of the Secondary Education, in the specialty of Drawing at the University of Valencia (2014-2015), Master of Arts in Design by the Complutense University of Madrid, in the 2015-2016 promotion and University Expert in Professional Competence for teaching in languages (English and Valencian), in the promotion 2017-2018, by the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche.

During her university education period, she made a course of further training in Japanese sumi-e painting and followed training courses in animation and entertainment for getting the title of Leisure and Free time Monitor.

Professional Experience

She developed workshops of portraits and caricatures for “Ser Joven” association, Santander, on two editions of “The Night is Young” (2011 and 2013),  for the BNE (Spain National Library) on the Doors opened Day (april-2016) and she also developed creative workshops with children during her experiences as a camp instructor (2012 y 2013).

From July 2016 until November 2017, she worked as a Photographer for FotoEventi Group in Lanzarote and Sancti Petri (Cadiz, Spain)

Following her dreams and her great vocation for art teaching, she left her job in said company to prepare the public examinations to become a Secondary Education Teacher,  a profession she held at the following centres: Higher School of  Plastic Arts and Design “Mariano Timon” (Palencia), from April to July 2018, at the Colegio “Nuestra Señora del Rocío” (Zamora), in November 2018 and at the “IES Vázquez Diaz”, in Nerva (Huelva), from 4 to 12 December 2018. This last was the date on which she was assaulted and murdered, victim of a brutal episode of violence against women.

As an artist, she developed the disciplines of painting, drawing, photography and illustration.

Her latest project

In April 2018 she had begun to develop a new project: Mosses and lichens of the Arribes del Duero.

To do this, she picked up abundant graphic documentation of the border areas of Zamora (“Watterfall of the Slabs”, in Mámoles and Fermoselle) and Salamanca (“Well of the Smokes”)  with Portugal.

Her first work was unfinished and her project was truncated, when she was savagely assaulted and murdered in December 2018.



16-05-2014- Collective exhibition of photography “Creation & Change”, “Cus Cus Cus”, Puebla, Mexico

4/19-10-2014- Individual exhibition of photography “Mexico: Colour and Expression”. Shows City. Café Bar Universal, Zamora


April 2006- Collective exhibition “Walking through Zamora” Colegio Universitario de Zamora (Study of Mª Carmen Peláz)

15-05-2014- Individual exhibition “Expressions”, on “Light of the Fridge“ Gallery , UDLAP, Mexico.

4-01-2015- Individual exhibition, in  Mutant Market “Carambola”. C/ Pablo Morillo, 8. Zamora

15-03-2019/ 15-05-2019- Collective exhibition “Female and plural”, Old Provincial Council Palace, Zamora