Laura Luelmo (1992-2018)

Dream, live, create …

Cover of Laura Luelmo's professional portfolio, showing a selection of her Drawings and Illustrations, Paintings, Designs and Photographs
Artist’s professional portfolio Cover

Her works, her art, her work …

Her way of being, her artistic personality

This was the view of those who shared experiences and / or teachings with Laura. These are his testimonies …

Cervantine Cartoons, Laura Luelmo, 2016 (Drawing and Illustration)

Laura was all color. I was fascinated to see how she painted. I learned a lot from her and with her during those hours of creation, accompanied by laughter and a fascination with art. She was a tireless creator who faced any artistic challenge with a determination and contagious positivism., I. De Arriba Matas, USAL

Laura Luelmo’s work is characterized by having exquisite sensitivity and expressiveness that go hand in hand along with the artist’s personality., E. Cuesta Requena, UPV

Studio-painting-easel-and-works of Laura Luelmo

“Laura’s academic and personal qualities, her positive attitude and her ability to work independently make her a great Artist”, S. G. Angulo Aguirre, UDLAP

As a person, she is highly sensitive and serious, with an impeccable moral and professional ethics., J.M. Bada Dosal, UDLAP

Laura has demonstrated her great capacity for work, dedication and quality, …in addition to being an upright human being, respectful of the times and of the level of work required., I. Moreno Guzmán, UDLAP

Dreamcatcher, brush, spatulas, painting materials and personal objects of Laura Luelmo

…a brave woman and willing to follow her dreams… able to cross to any place on the planet to be able to dedicate herself to what she wanted, art and artistic education, A. Alonso Sanz, UV