Artistic Work

Work and artistic personality of Laura Luelmo Hernández

I will begin by saying that Laura Luelmo’s work is characterized by an exquisite sensitivity and expressiveness that walk hand in hand along with the artist’s personality.

From a more technical point of view, Laura’s work could be defined as a combination of brushstrokes, where it can be seen from small notes to painting wet-on-wet (“pintura alla prima”) or even some veil. It reveals artistic influences ranging from classical art or romanticism, to her passion for impressionist work, and even, sometimes, we could appreciate German abstract expressionism in her paintings..

Her influences are as rich and varied as her audiovisual culture and her ability to appreciate any current. It is precisely this last reason, along with her youth, that is what prevents Laura from opting for a style and giving greater unity to her work. Since, while the conceptual maturity of her work is palpable, the technical development reveals her youth.

To finish defining Laura as an artist, vanities aside, Laura’s work is based on the essence of art, to nourish the soul of the one who contemplates it, but also of those who create it. I do not agree with the phrase “The artist is born, is not done” but Laura, was artistically great, Laura was born an artist. The sensitivity and expressive capacity that characterized her were directly proportional to the artistic quality of her works.., Eva Cuesta Requena, UPV, Artist and Secondary Education Teacher at at Alicante (Spain)

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