Intervencion artística mural en acto Laura Luelmo in memoriam (Universidad de Valencia)

Laura Luelmo in memoriam … at the University of Valencia

On 11 December 2019, at the former Faculty of Magisterium of the University of Valencia, the “Jornadas PASTWOMEN. Ciencia en femenino desde la arqueología: de la investigación a la coeducación”. (PAST-WOMEN Days. Science in feminine from archaeology: from research to coeducation) ” were inaugurated. The conference was organized by the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia, the Equality Unit of the University of Valencia and the University Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations (IUCIE), with the collaboration of the Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching of the University of Valencia.

A posthumous exhibition

“Femenino y Plurales”(Feminine and Plurals), Zamora, 2019

After Laura Luelmo’s disappearance and death, one of her paintings, “Carcajada” (Laughter), (60×60, oil on canvas, 2014), a reinterpretation of the classic “El Grito (The scream)”, by Edward Munch, was shown at the collective exhibition “Femenino y Plurales“(Feminine and Plurals). This exhibition was inaugurated on 15-03-2019 and organized by the Zamorano sculptor and artist, Ricardo Flecha Barrio, to show the creations of Zamorano women artists through the ages.

The Laura Luelmo Cultural Center

At the proposal of the Government Team of the Ayuntamiento de El Campillo (Huelva) (Municipality of El Campillo (Huelva)), unanimously approved at the municipal council held on 7-02-2019, the multifunctional building of the municipality was called “Laura Luelmo Cultural Center”. This was like that because this was the very place from which the search’s operational for the young teacher and artist had been coordinated.


The family, which has always avoided making statements to the various media, so as not to interfere with the investigation or prejudice the development of the process, has been forced to make press releases on several occasions, asking for respect for privacy and sensitivity to their pain.

Performance in the Main Square of Salamanca

Hundreds of people demonstrated on 19-12-2018 in the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) of Salamanca to show their repulsion for this new act of violence against women of which the artist was victim. Laura Luelmo Hernández’s colleagues, who studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca, starred in a performance in which one by one, up to a hundred girls were “falling” like a domino effect lying on the ground and with bloody clothes.

Tributes and Mourning for Laura Luelmo throughout the country

The tributes, minutes of silence, days of mourning, gatherings and demonstrations in memory of the young artist and teacher, in repulse for the act of violence that led to her disappearance and death and in support of her family, her boyfriend, Teofi (a motocross pilot), and her friends, were held and followed one another both in the “Laura’s” places and in other parts of Spain.