Intervencion artística mural en acto Laura Luelmo in memoriam (Universidad de Valencia)

Laura Luelmo in memoriam … at the University of Valencia

On 11 December 2019, at the former Faculty of Magisterium of the University of Valencia, the “Jornadas PASTWOMEN. Ciencia en femenino desde la arqueología: de la investigación a la coeducación”. (PAST-WOMEN Days. Science in feminine from archaeology: from research to coeducation) ” were inaugurated. The conference was organized by the Museum of Prehistory of Valencia, the Equality Unit of the University of Valencia and the University Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations (IUCIE), with the collaboration of the Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching of the University of Valencia.

Within the framework of those days, the same morning, at 1 p.m. outside the Montiolivete School, an event was held to honor Laura Luelmo, in which some 200 people, mainly students from the more than 20 specialties of the Master’s degree, went down to the school courtyard to participate collectively in an artistic intervention, coordinated by Dña. Amparo Alonso. (Department of didactica de l’expressió musical, plastic and body. IUCIE Universitat de València. Institut de Creativitat i Innovacions educatives).

The students of the specialty of Drawing, were involved in painting a mural of almost 15 meters long with a cartography of Valencia

On this map of the city, it was tried to visualize the violence against women that took place in public spaces. Those who wished could mark with a dot on the wall the place(s) where they suffered threats, sexual violence or abuse, aggressions, rape… The colour of the dot identified the type of aggression suffered.

Source: The images of the artistic intervention have been handed over to Laura’s family by Dr. Amparo Alonso (U). Valencia), coordinator of the event

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