Music for Laura

Two beautiful songs, written, composed and performed, thinking of Laura


By César Ballestín

Cesar Ballestín (Zamora, 1994) has written, composed and personally interpreted this beautiful and moving song thinking about Laura, a companion of evenings and summer nights full of laughter and memories in the village:

Lyrics of the song "Now", written, composed and performed by César Ballestín (Zamora, 1994)
Lyrics to the song ” Now “(translation of the original, in Spanish ” Ahora “)

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Now”, by César Ballestín


By Julia Peña, de Lluvia Music

Julia Peña (Badajoz, 1995), singer from Lluvia, wrote and composed for Laura’s sister, and close friend, this beautiful song “Violeta”.

On the occasion of the presentation of this song, at the Concert of 6 March 2020 in La Jazzería (Badajoz), he wrote, on his channel, these words, which we make our own:

This song is a loving cry of despair. Written from the need to express the most absolute pain, frustration, fear, and despair, but also the closeness and support to all those people who in a completely unjust way have to assimilate death, an unexpected and unjust mourning. Added to this, it is the brutality of human apathy, the need to put on a show, a television show, without take into consideration the pain or the situation of the people who are living the loss.

Only is considered the curiosity or fascination of the moment. Everyone needs to talk about who the killer was, what the circumstances were, what she looked like, how she dressed or what she did with her life. We need to take responsibility for all this, to be aware of the world in which we live, to learn to live without fear absorbing us, but not to accept violence in whatever form.

This song is a loving cry of despair, a cry of support and also of criticism, of love and hatred, of acceptance and confrontation. I don’t know, I also needed to express the constant fear that we, the ones that are still here, have to face. Women need to be able to live without fear. We need to stop feeling us like exposed objects to the eyes hungry of machismo. Let’s get out of here, little by little, or at a stroke, or as we can, but let’s be aware..

Lyrics of the song "Violeta", written, composed and performed by Julia Peña (Badajoz, 1995)
Lyrics of the song “Violeta”

From love, we send you both a huge hug and our eternal …


Note: The lyrics were written originally in spanish (Ahora) and in english (Violeta)

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