Remembering Laura Luelmo at the School of Art and Design of Zamora

The teachers and students of the Escuela de Arte y superior de Diseño de Zamora (School of Arts and College of Design in Zamora [EASD]) remembered Laura on several occasions after the news of her disappearance and tragic death

“Libre te quiero” (I want you free)

Poster " Laura with us"
Poster ” Laura with us”

Also on the anniversary of his death, with the verses of the poem “Libre te quiero” (I want you free), by Agustín García Calvo, the students of the School of Art and Superior Design of Zamora remembered the young teacher and artist, former student of the school, Laura Luelmo

The director of the School of Arts and College of Design in Zamora [EASD], Don Ricardo Flecha Barrio, dedicated a few words in his memory. The students of the art school kept an emotional minute of silence and a video made by the family was screened from the young woman’s portfolio.

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