A drawing that was used to teach… and other faculty work

The Professor of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Salamanca, Don Servando Vicente Corrales, had saved this drawing, a composition with models and mannequins, considering that he had solved it correctly, creating a very suitable rhythm of lights and shadows. So, he considered that it could serve as an example to other students of coming years.

Recently, he gave us, Laura’s parents, this drawing (70×100 cm, highligthed image) so that we can keep it as part of his artistic work

Student's file and works of the subject "Theory of modern art". Grade in BB AA. (University of Salamanca)
Student’s file and works of the subject “Theory of modern art”. Grade in BB AA. (University of Salamanca)

Also, Don Alberto Santamaría, professor of the subject “Modern Art Theory”, offered us the possibility of retaining some of the works and essays made by our daughter at his class


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