II Laura Luelmo Award for Contemporary Art

For Gender Equality and Against Violence Against Women

Objectives, Call and Award Rules

On the last May 17, 2021, the Equality Unit of the University of Salamanca in collaboration with the Cultural Activities Service and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University already mentioned called in memory to Laura the “II PRIZE LAURA LUELMO OF CONTEMPORARY ART FOR GENDER EQUALITY AND AGAINST VIOLENCE ON WOMEN 2021»

This award seeks to promote equality between women and men and prevent and eradicate violence against women, paying tribute to all women victims of this violence and to those who fight from different areas to achieve a real and effective equality.

In this contest participated works of various manifestations of contemporary plastic and visual arts such as painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving, photography or audiovisuals creations. The deadline for submitting works was from October 11 to 13, 2021 in the Exhibition Hall Experimental Space of the Hospedería Fonseca

Jury decision, award ceremony and opening of the exhibition

The Jury, assembled, chose the winning work and the two secondary awards on October 20, 2021. The judgment was made public on the USAL website, on the website of the Equality Unit, on the website of the Cultural Activities Services and on that of the Faculty of Fine Arts of USAL, that same day.

On October 27, at a public event, to which the family sent a letter of thanks, excusing their presence because it was the date very close to that of the trial, the prizes were presented to the winning artists: María García Sánchez, for “Entre Sombras” (First prize) and secondary awards to Juan José Moreno Carrero and Daniela Somoza Gabrieli for “Response to Joseph Kosuth” and to Luz Iglesias Álvarez, for “Gritar silencios”. Then, the exhibition was inaugurated.

Prize giving and opening of the exhibition at the Hospedería Fonseca. Photo: Guillermo García San Miguel, published in Salamanca-Rtve al día.es


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The exhibition with the winning works and the rest of the selected works can be visited in the Experimental Space Exhibition Hall of the Hospedería Fonseca between October 27 and November 15, 2021. The visiting hours will be from Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 hs. to 14:00 hs. and from 17:30 hs. to 18:30 hs. and Sundays and holidays, from 10:00 hs. to 14:00 hs.

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