The Laura Luelmo Cultural Center

At the proposal of the Government Team of the Ayuntamiento de El Campillo (Huelva) (Municipality of El Campillo (Huelva)), unanimously approved at the municipal council held on 7-02-2019, the multifunctional building of the municipality was called “Laura Luelmo Cultural Center”. This was like that because this was the very place from which the search’s operational for the young teacher and artist had been coordinated.

The young Laura Luelmo disappeared on 12-12-2018, in the afternoon, in El Campillo (Huelva), where she had resided for a few days, after having joined on 4 December a replacement as a teacher of plastic arts at the Secondary Education Institute (IES) Vázquez Díaz de Nerva, nearby municipality..

With this gesture, El Campillo, which for almost four days was engaged in a search in the hope of finding her alive, welcoming her family and showing them all her support and love in those difficult moments, wanted to keep her memory alive so that “this creative and struggling young teacher would remain forever in the collective memory of our town”

Thanks from the family

 Painting with the original illustration that Laura Luelmo made in defence of women with a plaque from her parents: "In gratitude" to the people of El Campillo...

Laura Luelmo’s parents met with the Town Hall, Civil Protection, authorities and neighbours on 1 March 2019, to thank them for their support, involvement and welcome during the search for their daughter. As a token of their feelings, they gave them a painting with the original illustration that the young teacher and artist from Zamora made in defence of women and which she herself had disseminated through social networks.

In the picture you can see a plaque with the inscription: “In gratitude to the people of El Campillo. The family Luelmo Hernández. 8-3-2019”.

Inauguration of the Centre

The inauguration ceremony of the “Centro Cultural Laura Luelmo Hernández” took place on 8-03-2019 and the family, who could not attend, was represented by the boyfriend and relatives of the young woman. The event was attended by the entire Municipal Corporation, the Civil Guard, Civil Protection and women’s associations of the municipality and began with a few words from the mayor, Susana Rivas, who, after thanking the women’s collectives for making the sign, read out the plenary agreement, approved unanimously, by which the building goes on to bear the name of Laura.

Then, after the reading of manifestos by several women’s organizations and associations, the most emotional moment took place, when a representative of Civil Protection and the president of Acamacum unveiled the tile sign, which contains the illustration designed by Laura Luelmo for 8-03-2018, accompanied by her message “Your chance is you”, as well as the slogan with which the whole society showed its support for the young woman, ‘We are all Laura’ (“Todos somos Laura“)

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