Video del acto de entrega de premios (Onda Minera RTV)

II “Laura Luelmo” Literary Contest

Your voice is NECESSARY!. The II Laura Luelmo Literary Contest against Gender Violence, clearly invite you not to be silent, not to contribute to silence this nowdays social scourge.

Objectives, Call for Entries and Award Rules

On 24 November 2021, the Department of Spanish Language and Literature of the IES Vázquez Díaz (Nerva), called in memory of the young teacher, a new edition of the contest whose objective is to contribute to the fight against gender violence through education and social awareness. The Department had the collaboration of the Plan de Igualdad and the School Libraries Project and the Huelva Education Delegation (Equality Plan)

Unfortunately, this is still not enough. A week after starting as a teacher at the IES Vázquez Díaz, on 12-12-2018, Laura was murdered by a neighbor in El Campillo, where she had settled just a few days before, to live near her workplace.

All IES Vázquez Díaz students could participate. Works of poetry, letters, opinion articles, reflections or personal testimonies, Twitter messages… could be submitted to the contest. The contest was also opened, in this edition, to students from other provincial centers. (Huelva). The deadline for submitting works began on 11-25-2021 (International Day against Gender Violence) and ended on 01-28-2022.

Jury’s decision and awards ceremony

Video of the awards ceremony (Onda Minera RTV)

The contest registered a large participation, with high quality in the works presented. That is the case of the first prizes at the local level that went to Amelia Mayorga Arrayás, for “Carla” and to Miriam Bermejo Nieto, for “Por ser mujer”.

At the provincial level: Andrés Luengo Garrido (IES Diego Rodríguez Estrada, of San Juan del Puerto), for “El monstruo” and Adriana Rodríguez González (Safa Funcadia, of Huelva), for “Testimonio vivo” won the first prizes.

Rafael Prado , Director of the IES and the Head of the Department of Language and Literature, José Santana presented the awards ceremony. The event was carried on 02-14-22 (Day of the celebration of love). The award-winning students and teachers from the participating educational centers attended the event.

Among the authorities was the councilor of the Equality Area of the Nerva City Council, Sonia Granado. A representation of the two women’s associations of Nerva, Concha Espina and Luna, of the Local Council for Equality also attended.

Laura, you live today in the words that have been spoken in this loving and significant act. You are alive in the memory of your colleagues, of your students. Also, in your drawing classroom, in the classrooms of the IES de Nerva that collected your last steps, your last ideas, your last projects. You live in the memory of all of us who raise our voices against violence.

Laura, your spirit is IN and AMONG us

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