Tributes at the University of Valencia

EOn December 18, 2018, in the courtyard of the former School of Teaching in Valencia, a mural named after Laura Luelmo was painted in hollow letters. The mural “will serve as a permanent remembrance of her passing through the University”.

This mural has served so that ‘the students express their feelings, because the art vehicles the pain and serves as a strategy of fight’, according to Dr. Amparo Alonso Sanz, teacher of Laura and coordinator of the specialty of Drawing of the Official University Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teaching, studied by the artist in the promotion 2014-2015

Mural in memory of Laura Luelmo at the University of Valencia
Mural in memory of Laura Luelmo at the University of Valencia (Source: UV noticias. Universitat de Valencia)

The Dean of the University of Valencia, Mª Vicenta Mestre, noted that only through education can we eradicate any kind of violence, especially that which is applied against women and Isabel Piqueres, Laura’s colleague in the master’s degree said: ‘We all remember Laura for her vitality, the constant smile, and the courage that emitted.’

Source: LevanteTV Tribute to Laura Luelmo at the University of Valencia

The events of 19-12-2018 were added to other tributes paid by the University of Valencia after the appearance of the body of the young artist

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