Tributes and Mourning for Laura Luelmo throughout the country

The tributes, minutes of silence, days of mourning, gatherings and demonstrations in memory of the young artist and teacher, in repulse for the act of violence that led to her disappearance and death and in support of her family, her boyfriend, Teofi (a motocross pilot), and her friends, were held and followed one another both in the “Laura’s” places and in other parts of Spain.

The educational and teaching communities, the artistic and university communities, the world of motocross, the women, the runners women, the residents of his hometown, people of the localities where he lived, enjoyed, worked or studied and society in general were moved, horrified and took to the streets expressing their rejection, rage and pain at his violent retention and death.

This general movement of love and unconditional support accompanied the family and loved ones and moved and support them greatly, despite the immensity of their loss

Since it would be virtually impossible to review all the acts and gestures of support that were produced, some graphic images representing the affection and support received are shown.

Silence and applause in tribute to Laura Luelmo in her hometown, Zamora (video)

Collage made with rnational news of Laura Luelmo' case

Impact on the international press

The following image shows a collage of images corresponding to news published in international media

Collage made with international news of Laura Luelmo' case

Source: Various sources (national and international press, written and digital)

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