“Laura Luelmo” Drawing Room

We all wish that this plaque symbolizes in a concrete place, its place, its passage through the institute, ephemeral, but permanent for our lives, and that it is always remembered by the students who have not yet arrived at the center

The educational centre IES Vázquez Diaz, in Nerva, of which Mr. Isidoro Romero was the Headmaster at the time of Laura’s incorporation as a drawing teacher, in compliance with the agreement reached on 22 January 2019 by the school council of the centre, held the ceremony of the discovery of the plaque that gives the name of Laura Luelmo to its drawing classroom on 14-05-2019.

By giving the drawing room the name of the young teacher, “they want to perpetuate her memory among the educational community and society in general. She taught her classes in the drawing room, among desks surrounded by easels, brushes, paintings, drawings, molds and all kinds of artistic supports with which her students experimented. This was the habitat in which she was most at ease, together with her young pupils,” reported Professor Mr. Alvaro Cabezas at the ceremony of the discovery of the plaque.

Drawing Classroom at Vazquez Diaz High School, Nerva
Drawing Classroom at Vazquez Diaz High School, Nerva (Source: ondaminera-rtv-nerva.es)

The event was attended by students, teachers and parents of students, who wanted to pay tribute to the young teacher.

The parents of the young woman thanked, by letter, the gesture of the school in response to the invitation made by Professor Mr. José Santana, secretary of the management team: “We want to thank him for his communication and the affection he transmits, as well as the welcoming and generous spirit with which they received our daughter Laura in that Centre where she arrived so excited and where her memory will be perpetuated in the drawing room“.

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